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Manor Senior High School
Career & Technical Education Teacher Newspaper and Yearbook Advisor Advanced & Practicum Graphic Design Commercial Phot
Manor Senior High School
I come to MHS with an extensive Graphic Design background, involved in many projects going back over a 25 year career span before becoming a teacher. What I bring to Manor High School is my professional background as a Graphic Designer who is thoroughly keen on industry standards and current computer applications used in Graphic Design & Illustration. One of my most memorable projects was working with a World War II Veteran by the Name of Harvey E. Gann who wrote an autobiography titled, "Escape I Must!". The book was about his experiences as a World War II Prisoner of War in Germany. My role as a designer was to set up all the pages electronically in Adobe InDesign and typeset from his handwritten and typed manuscript. I also designed the book jacket and cover for his book. As I typed the pages and proofread from page to page, from chapter to chapter, I was overwhelmed with emotions, stunned and in awe that Harvey lived to write his story. Harvey Gann was inducted into the U.S. Army Air Force on September 14, 1942 and was the only survivor of his B-24 Bomber being shot down over Italy by German aircraft. His plane exploded about the time his chute opened. He was soon captured and became a prisoner of war. The title was befitting of his book, "Escape I Must!" because he escaped from not just one, but four different German POW Camps and risked being shot and killed. It was upon his 4th escape that he managed to finally find his way to freedom with the help of some Russian soldiers. Near the end of this project, after Harvey Gann's book went to press and came back from the printer, perfect bound, hardcover with gold inlay embossing, covered with the book jacket and the smell of new ink, Mr. Harvey Gann himself handed me a personalized autographed copy. I told Mr. Gann that I will forever treasure this book and it was an honor and a privilege to meet him and be part of this endeavor. There truly are some remarkable people in the world. I would love to share this with my students.